miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2012

We thank the following people for their work in creating this liturgy:
·        Alix Lozano for the composition of the reflection, and Milka  for suggestions for it.
·        Ofelia Garcia for the suggestion of resources for developing the liturgy.
·        Olga Piedrasanta for information about the countries, corrections and suggestions.
·        Rebeca Gonzalez for the promotional logo, integration of the materials and follow up.  
Those who contributed information about each country and gave prayer requests:
·        Tania Meléndez, Coordinador of the USA Hispanic Mennonite Women’s Conference - Taniasamir7@aim.com
·         Elizabeth Masavi, Sinai Bolivian Mennonite Church elizabeth_masavi_13@hotmail.com
·        Ramón Castellanos, Belice Mennonite Church  ramoncastellanos27@yahoo.com

After you have carried out the liturgy in May, we ask you to send summaries and testimonies of this time to Ester Bornes to be put in the blog. This way everyone may receive enrichment.
           e-mail : esterbornes@hotmail.com

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